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Recruiting the right talent in a competitive job market

In today's competitive job market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to attract and retain top talent. With low unemployment rates, a high demand for skilled workers, and a candidate-led market, many companies are really struggling to fill open positions with the right candidates.

The biggest challenge they are facing is the tough competition for talent. With so many companies looking for the same skills, candidates have their pick of opportunities! As a result, companies are often left competing with each other to attract top talent, which can lead to a bidding war for both salaries and benefits. This puts pressure on companies to offer more competitive compensation packages, which can be difficult for smaller companies or those with tight budgets….

Another issue is the shortage of skilled workers in certain industries, or roles where specific skills are required for the job, such as Product Marketing, for example. These roles require specialized skills and experience, and there simply aren't enough qualified candidates to meet the demand. This can lead to a lengthy hiring process, with recruiters struggling to find suitable candidates.

Additionally, the pandemic has made recruiting even more challenging, with many candidates hesitant to change jobs in an uncertain economy. This has led to a decrease in the number of candidates actively seeking new opportunities, making it harder for recruiters to find the right fit for open positions. Also, since Covid it seems many candidates have re-evaluated their priorities and place work/life balance on the top of their list for what’s important for them moving forward, meaning those companies that can’t or won’t offer hybrid or remote working will struggle to recruit.

To overcome these challenges, recruiters like us need to be creative in their approach to attracting talent. This may include advising clients to offer benefits such as flexible working arrangements (like remote work or flexible working hours) or providing unique benefits like tuition reimbursement or wellness programs. Additionally, companies can invest in training and development programs to help build the skills they need internally and ensure that people and culture remain the top priority.

As recruiters, we also need to focus on building on-going relationships with potential and future candidates, rather than just relying on ad responses that come through. This includes attending industry events, reaching out to passive candidates, and using social media to connect with potential hires. Ability Recruitment has already filled their calendar with networking events this year such as Food & Drink Expo’s, as these are a great place to meet people who work in the industry we recruit in.

Overall, the current job market presents a significant challenge for recruiters and companies, but with the right approach it is still possible to attract top talent. By being creative and building strong, on-going personal relationships with candidates and being open to taking on advice from recruiters like ourselves on what they can do to attract talent, companies can position themselves as attractive employers to find the right fit for their open positions.

If you’d like to chat with us about ideas that can help you recruit in this current market please do not hesitate to contact us.

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