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10 benefits of hiring Temporary or Temp to Perm staff!

It’s amazing how many employers have never considered using a Temp or going down the Temp to Perm route when they have vacancies in their business!

We’re always flooded with requests to fill Permanent positions at Ability Recruitment… but often once we learn about the company and the role that needs filling, we feel a Temp could perform just as well and may even be a better option for the company than hiring down the traditional permanent route 😊

We’ve noted below the top 10 benefits of hiring a Temporary worker or taking someone on a Temp to Perm contract, so if you’ve never considered this option, read on!

#1 Fill short-term hiring needs - Perhaps you only need some help for a few weeks or months? Hiring a Temp can be a great solution to help you through busy periods, or if someone in your company is off sick long term, for example. I’ve placed Temps in companies who needed Admin or Customer Service support for a specific project or to help them catch up on work back-logs and it’s been a life saver for them!

#2 – Fill your vacancy quicker - Sometimes you’ll need help urgently and you won’t have the time to advertise your role, filter through applications and carry out 2 or 3 rounds of interviews to find the “perfect” candidate. In this instance, it could help to consider a Temp. Some of our clients still like to interview… however, this can be a very informal chat over Teams just to “meet” any potentials… Many times though, clients just trust us to send in someone suitable, as if they aren’t right for the role within the first 4-6 hours they can just let us know and we’ll replace them, FOC.

#3 – Temps have specific skill sets - When we register Temps we make sure we do a full registration interview where we find out their specific skills and what they are looking for in a role. For example, they may be a fantastic Admin candidate, or be an experienced Front of House Receptionist or PA. We will match them properly to the clients we work with and will look at not only their skills and experience, but also at their personality, unique traits and transferable skills. We then have a pool of great candidates ready for when clients ask us to fill a booking!

#4 – The agency “manages” the Temp - When we place a Temp with one of our clients, they work for that employer every day and do what needs to be done in the role. However, whilst they are Temping they’ll be employed by us, so we will manage their holiday requests and if they are sick or running late one day, they’ll go through us… We can help out with any issues or problems that may arise, which saves the employer the hassle and stress of having to have those sometimes awkward conversations! We basically take on the stress and headache of the people management side of things to make your life easier.

#5 – We pay them for you - Whilst candidates are on a Temp contract we will take care of all their payroll, including their NI, pension and holiday pay! The Temp worker will keep a note of all the hours they’ve worked for you throughout the week and then all you need to do is sign their timesheet, we take care of the rest. We have a back office support team that makes sure everyone is paid on time, as happy Temps make us happy too 😊

#6 – Save costs on staff benefits - Though Temporary workers will still be entitled to holiday pay (which they accrue according to the amount of hours they work) and some sickness allowance, they will not usually be entitled to other company benefits you may offer your Permanent employees, such as Private Healthcare for example. This will essentially save your business money whilst you make sure the candidate is going to be the right fit for you long term.

#7 – “Try before you buy” - We’ve all been there! You interview a candidate, even 2 or 3 times and they’re amazing! They come across exceptionally well, tell you they’ve got all the skills and experience you’re looking for and they seem like they’ll be a great addition to your team. You offer them the job and a few months down the line, they’re like a different person! If you take someone on a Temporary or Temp to Perm contract, you get to see how they actually perform in the job, all day every day for a set amount of time before deciding whether to offer them a Permanent contract. This also works well for the candidate too, as they get to see if this is the right role for them, before committing to it long term.

#8 – You can give more candidates a chance - I’ve lost count of the amount of candidates my clients have taken on who they initially didn’t want to interview on paper! When recruiting for Permanent positions, sometimes clients are very particular with the type of experience or background they need to see on a cv before they agree to interview a candidate… with Temp to Perm we feel clients can be a little more flexible and willing to give other candidates a chance, as they can prove themselves on the job (sometimes turning out to be the company’s best hire!). We always pride ourselves on looking at the whole person and not just a cv, so it’s nice that with Temp to Perm more candidates get a chance to let their unique skill sets and personality shine through.

#9 – Settle them into your team gradually - If you’re unsure how a new candidate is going to settle into your current team, then hiring a Temp could be a great way to gage this and see how they gel, before making that final commitment and offering them a permanent contract! Again, this goes back to #7 and the “try before you buy” scenario… you never truly know how a candidate is going to fit into your business until they actually start working for you (no matter how good your interview process is!) and the Temp to Perm route is like a “working trial” if you like, to ensure you’re making the right decision for everyone long term.

#10 – Spread the cost of recruitment - Our fees for Permanent recruitment are just 15% of the annual salary agreed (which is a lot less expensive than many of the more corporate agencies out there!) but this still amounts to quite a hefty recruitment fee for companies to lay out for in one go, especially if they’re an SME. If you choose to go down the Temp to Perm route, you’ll be invoiced weekly and the candidate’s salary is included in the hourly charge rate, so this can be a better option with regards to company cash flow…..

So, there you have it!! Those are our top 10 benefits of using Temps in your business 😊 To be honest, I could talk all day on this subject, but if you’d like to find out more then why not give us a call to discuss your needs and we can talk you through how we can help and take the headache out of your recruitment!

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